Overview of the possibilities of this Software
Operation with Wireless-Interface WS2000-PC/WMR-900H and WS2500 (from ELV, Huger, Conrad, Westfalia, La Crosse) or Weatherstations WMR-918/WM-918 (Huger) WMR-968 (OSI) and the DAVIS VantagePro/VantageVUE, the TE923 (Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, RSB ...),
NEXUS (TFA), TN924 (Honeywell) and WS2300/WS3600 Stations and TFA Klimalogger/TFA KLIMALOGG...plus in the "File-Watching"-Mode:

All sensors of the Wireless-Interface (9 or also 16 sensors) are supported completely. With the Weatherstations WMR-918/968 there all sensors (with the 3 additionally possible) complete supported.
Program works with only one sensor too and need no special sensor.

  • All functions are described in the detailed Help-File
         - for printing: wswinen.pdf
  • Program in serveral languages: Support for
         English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spain and Czechish
  • Program supports the international date/time-formats
  • Program supports at the same time on-line up to
        4 Wireless-Interfaces/Weatherstations

  • With the inserted DCF-Clock of the Wireless-Interfaces or Weatherstation WMR-918
         can the computer be synchronized atomic time-exactly.
  • Also for the PC wireless - interfaces a weather forecast can be shown
  • Includes moon-/sun calendar
        You can, for example, for years ahead yours full-/new moon and the sunrise times
        Station-place-exactly determine
  • You can report own weather observations at www.wetterarchiv.de
        and/or store own weather observations in an own database
  • Supporting for Wunderground personal weatherstation project
  • Dew point and Windchill support
  • All diagrams can be stored also as GIF file
  • All data can be stored also as HTML table
  • Can create weather outline for current weather values
  • Can in the weather symbolic file announce the wind rate also in Beaufort
        and/or represent also the state of sea
  • Can represent in the weather symbolic file the lunar phase, the moon age, new moon,
        full moon and the sunrise, suntransit and sunset time
  • Can construct arbitrary files (Text/Html/Form/Table) with the help of a Templates
  • Can create a web page for access to its meteorological data (example)
  • Supports customised WEB pages (255) with variables
        - supported variables see ws_variables_en.txt
  • Support own WAP-pages with variable and/or Presentation
  • Support for FTP transfer
  • Can create Synop and Metar files
  • People with problems with the Weatherstation WMR-918, can with this program
        with "Status Interface" the Weatherstation control
  • Status Display of the received data of the Wireless-Interface, with the possibility to
        make a Hardwaretest of the Wireless-Interface
  • The meteorological data files of the PC_WS Software V2.x or log files from the
        Weather-Display-Software can be converted in files for this program or can be
        changed to the CSV-Format.
  • Skyview Log files (Monitor and Data-Logger) can be imported
  • By the possibility "CSV"-files, e.g. from Excel exported CSV tables,
        again imported, can this Software also without a Wireless-Interface / Weatherstation
        be used.
  • There is the possibility of the recording and analysis of meteorological data!
  • Data acquisition for Day-, Week-, Month- and Year exists.
        The Data for this periods can be represented or printed as
        diagram, table, or min-max.-table
  • All data can be exported into the CSV-Format (directly
        e.g. in Excel again readable).

  • Here a few Hardcopies - for full representation click in picture
    Sorry - but all pictures are from the german program version
    Daily diagram Weekly diagram
    Little daily diagram - for full representation click Little weekly diagram - for full representation click
    Monthly diagram Status receipt module
    little monthly diagram - for full representation click little Status display - for full representation click

    Daily minimum- and maximum values Weather Condition
    little min-max-table - for full representation click little Weather condition picture - for full representation click

    Display Mini-Display

    Status indication of Weather Station WMR-918
    little Status Display WMR-918 - for full representation click
    Graphic Distribution Wind direction
    calculated solarenergy with a VantageProPlus
    Snow height in Winter 2005/2006
    Growing temperature - compared 2011 with 2010
    Thermal sum - compared 2011 with 2006
    Frost sum - compared 2011 with 2010


      © Werner Krenn