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This Software was written originally for the ELV-Wireless-Interface WS2000-PC V2.x (also OEM-Versions from Huger, Conrad and others are available), whereby in additon, still the old Interfaces are supported - I think, it is the only software, which can still act this interface in this way.
The Weatherstations from Huger/OSI WMR-918/968 und WM-918 are also supported,
the VantagePro/VantageVUE from DAVIS and the TE923 / Irox PRO-X / Honeywell TE923W / NetAtmo.

This software supports the wetterarchiv.de project, the the Wunderground weatherstation project too and AWEKAS and more.

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Detailed listing of the changes
Status 2023-04-27 - V2.99.9.0

2023-04-27 V2.99.9.0
  • see info_en.txt

    2015-07-23 V2.98.0
  • new variables
  • and more ...

    2013-03-30 V2.97.0
  • new variables
  • new Long time graphics
  • and more ...

    2010-06-26 V2.96.0
  • new Season variables
  • adaptions for Win7
  • Update check

    2009-09-26 V2.95.0
  • Support for VantageVUE

    2009-03-31 V2.94.3
  • New variables season
  • New x-csv-file import

    2008-04-08 V2.93.17
  • CWOP changes
  • improved merge/import interface
  • Frost-Sum

    2007-04-22 V2.93.13
  • Supports TE923W/Irox PRO-X
        (Honeywell, Irox, Mebus,
        Cresta, Meteoscan ...)
  • and more ...

      © Werner Krenn